Pulled Pork

Using our Pulled Pork Rub produce a spectacular but spectacularly simple dish that goes down a storm! Winter or Summer. You don't need an expensive cut of meat to cater for a whole load of party-comers or BBQ Crashers. As with all classic American dishes it is the Southern spice influences that infuse the meat which take centre stage. The fries, coleslaw and other trimmings take a back seat to the 9 major spices that make up this spectacular rub. The method couldn't be easier.................

Serves 6-8


1 x 3lb Pork Shoulder (Bone in is best but it doesn't matter too much)

500ml Cheap Apple Juice

1 ltr Water

A Pack of P&D Pulled Pork Rub

Tin Foil

1 tsp Liquid Smoke (Optional - available from Amazon - we prefer the mesquite version)


Put the joint in a large Bowl. Rub the packet of P&D Pulled Pork Rub all over the shoulder joint cover all parts and place in the fridge, covered, overnight to marinade.

The next day (6 hours before you want to eat), Place the meat onto a rack over a roasting pan. Pour in the water and apple juice so making sure that the liquid doesn't touch the meat. Cover the joint with 4 layers of foil shiny side down. Don't wrap the meat in the foil just give the meat a "hat" so the steam off the liquid can get to the bottom of the joint. Roast in the oven at 150 degrees C/Gas Mark 3 for 6 hours. Make sure that the liquid in the bottom of the pan does NOT run dry! This will end up being your sauce!

After 6 hours take off the foil. The fatty/skin part will probably come off with the foil. If not remove the skin and fat and discard. Scrape off the excess fat and discard (unless you like fat!)

Take the joint off the rack and place in the liquid and start pulling it apart with a couple of forks until it is shredded. Place over a low flame and reduce the liquid and meat until it is "syrupy". Add a teaspoon of liquid smoke if you prefer your pulled pork "smoky".

Serve on a bun with BBQ accompaniments - try some Mexican "Esquite" - Pour a tin of sweetcorn, A Tbsp of Jalapeno Peppers (from a jar), 250 ml chicken stock, a fistful of coriander and some finely chopped bacon, fry for a couple of minutes until the liquid is reduced - delicious.

Oh, and wear a bib!