Pollo/Gambas Picante Dulce

Using P&D Chorizo HOT Oil

A way to cook chicken or Prawns that can go into any dish. Sweet will a little spicy kick. Stick it on Pizza, with a salad on your favourite bread, fill a pepper. Too many to mention!

Serves 1-2 (Use one chicken breast between 2)


250g Chicken finely diced (The size depends on whether you want to skewer it for a BBQ)

P&D Chorizo (Hot) Oil

1 Tbsp of P&D "BBQ Rub"

1 Tbsp P&D Chorizo OIl for frying


Use half the packet of rub and add Chorizo HOT Oil oil until you have a runny paste.

Place the Chicken/Prawns (Jumbo Raw are Best for a BBQ) in the marinade and place in the fridge for 10 mins. Then the method of cooking is up to you. Fry, BBQ, Grill or Bake. Just so long as you DO cook it!