Mediterannean Chicken

With Spanish Chorizo and Red Pepper using P&D Chorizo Oil

A delicious, rich and hearty stew, Spanish style.

Serves 4

8 Chicken Thighs trimmed of excess skin and fat
100g Spanish Chorizo 1 cm cubed
110ml P&D Chorizo Oil
3 Bell Peppers – Green, Red and Yellow
Tin of chopped Tomatoes
1 Onion
1 pint of Chicken stock (3 Chicken Oxo to ¾ pint of boiling water)
Tablespoon Lemon Juice


Pre-heat the oven to 180 degrees C or Gas Mark 4

Pour a little of the oil into a frying pan and brown the Chicken Thighs, drain and place into a casserole dish.

Place the rest of the oil into the frying pan add the cubed chorizo on a LOW heat and simmer for around 15 mins do not allow the Chorizo to blacken. Use your smallest cooking ring to do this.

Remove the chorizo and set aside and leave the oil in the pan.

Add the lemon juice to the oil in the frying pan and blend in. Pour the mixture over the chicken, baste and place in the pre-heated oven uncovered on the top shelf. Baste regularly for 20 mins.

Meanwhile chop the peppers and onion into strips and sweat in what is left of the oil in the frying pan for 5 mins, add the chorizo and cook for a further 5 mins – add a little oil if needed. Pour in the chopped tomatoes and stir for 5 mins.

Add the mixture and the chicken stock to the chicken and make sure everything is basted. Cook for a further 40 mins basting regularly uncovered.

Serve with buttered fusilli pasta and tinned sweetcorn to taste.