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About P & D Artisan Products

We are passionate about the development and exclusivity of our products.

Taste the fruits of our labours with truly unique tasting products

We take inspiration from around the world and with extensive travel throughout South East Asia, Northern America and Europe, have incorporated the culinary and taste influences into our products. Family, friends and clients have all influenced how we produce our products and we regularly review the make-up of the dry rubs according to what you say. Don't be surprised if we drop you an e-mail and ask you to review certain products during the course of the year!

We produce true Artisan products from fine ingredients on a purely local scale to ensure our products stay natural. Everything is hand-made to exacting environmental health standards and production methods.

Our Dry Rubs

All natural spices and ingredients, and whilst we produce "classic" rubs such as Barbecue and Chipotle we also produce rubs that are truly unique such as Lemon Grass and Chilli, an influence of our Vietnamese, Thai and Cambodian travels. The Szechuan and Oriental rubs are influenced by the Chinese enclaves of Penang, Malaysia where the fusion and influences of Malay and Indian cooking meet. If you like street food this would be your taste of heaven.

Our Portuguese Peri Peri marinade is our most complex rub in terms of the amount of ingredients and the development. With 15 ingredients, to take even one away completely alters the character.

Our Indian Masala rub is influenced by the sweet Southern Indian curries with medium heat whilst our most popular rub, Pulled Pork is Alabama imported all the way from the U.S. and tweeked to just the way we (and you) like it.

Olive oil poured from an origi pouring

Our Infused Oils

Our infused oils have been made by ourselves for years. Chorizo oil is made from imported Spanish chorizo and British rapeseed oil and is a product that just "happened" as a by product of cooking with chorizo for many years. It has a robust flavour and a fantastic amber hue.

Our Oriental oil is a gem and intensely aromatic as a result of lengthy infusion of many dried eastern spices into British rapeseed oil.

Whatever we do - we do it from the Heart. Pandd heart small